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   Books / eBook : 7 Lessons On Irish Whiskey: An Introduction to Drinking and Enjoying the Whiskeys of Ireland
7 Lessons On Irish Whiskey: An Introduction to Drinking and Enjoying the Whiskeys of Ireland
English | EPUB,MOBI | 2013 | ASIN: B00BOWUBNO | 41 pages | 0.2 MB
Irish Whiskey has a rich and storied history that's almost as fun to read about as the spirit is to drink.
- Have you always wanted to know just what exactly is in Irish cream?
- Do you want to impress your friends or business associates with your knowledge?
- Have you enjoyed an Irish Whiskey cocktail before but would like to become a connoisseur of a pure pot still single-malt?
- ...or do you simply want to walk into your local Irish bar and know enough to order something you'll enjoy?
Dive into this book and in less than an hour, you'll know what the Irish Whiskey lovers know!
Novice Or Pro, You'll Benefit From This Book

If you're new to Irish Whiskey, we guarantee you'll walk away from our lessons feeling confident enough to talk shop with the most experienced bartenders and Irish Whiskey fans. You will gain immediate fundamental knowledge of how Irish Whiskey is made at the top Irish distilleries like New Midleton, Old Bushmills, Kilbeggan, and Cooley. If you're already familiar with Irish Whiskey, you will assuredly still learn along the way.

7 Lessons On Irish Whiskey is a comprehensive guide that will help you gain a thorough understanding of the drink. This book primarily covers Irish Whiskey production and the major distilleries, but you'll also learn about Irish Whiskey cocktails, Irish Whiskey history, and more!

These Lessons Cover The Many Facets Of Irish Whiskey

- What comprises a fine glass of Irish Whiskey.

- Top Irish Distillers, their histories, and their top brands.

- How to organize an Irish Whiskey tasting.

- What exactly the different types of Irish Whiskey are.

- Popular Irish Whiskey cocktails, Irish Coffee, and Irish Cream information.

- The lowdown on Irish Moonshine... Poitín!

- ...and much more!

This book is a collaboration by people with an true interest in Irish Whiskey, allowing you to learn not only the basics but rather an insider approach to picking your Irish Whiskeys based on more than a name on the bottle. Also, as you progress in your knowledge of Irish Whiskey, you will be able to quickly and easily refer back to this book as a quick reference guide.



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